Football Coach In Shanghai China

2019-01-22 13:20:00
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Summary :Football Coach In Shanghai China

Job description

The main duties and responsibilities1、We are seeking qualified, experienced young learner football coach who can deliver effective and enjoyable lessons to our students aged 6 to 12 years old.2、Complete the teaching work according to the syllabus and continuously improve the teaching quality.3、Amateur/professional football background, able to patiently teach football skills.4、Be responsible for the design of open courses and the formulation of standardized independent courses suitable for recruiting new students for free open demonstration to the outside world.5、Keep good communication with students and timely feedback of students' classroom situation, increase their stickiness, and reduce the turnover rate.6、Actively participate in teaching and research activities, teacher training and various open classes and main activities of the subject.7、Work time: Mon-Fri 9-5.Other benefits:1、Vacation days: Chinese Lunar New Year (3 days in January or February), Labor Day (1st May), National Day (1st-3rd October.) , Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and Tomb-sweeping Day. All national holidays are off. The above are fully paid. 2、House Allowance (2000RMB per month).Please provide to:- A recent photo - Resume -Football coach certificate- Copy of bachelor's degree which is authenticated by embassy- Copy of TEFL/TESOL Certificate or two years of work experience proof.


Job requirements :1、Love football, good health, with football coach certificate.2、At least 12 months of teaching experience with young learners 3、Good communication and expression skills, learning ability and teamwork spirit4、Extroverted personality, adaptability, can deal with unexpected situations in the classroom.

Required Languages

English, Chinese