Lighting Designer In GuangZhou China

2019-03-06 08:55:00
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Summary :Lighting Designer In GuangZhou China

Job description

JOB DESCPTION1.Collecting relative information for the projects, making on-site research and analyses, communicating with clients to determine the design intention. 2.Developing creative design, making the rendering, preparing the presentation document and explaining the presentation to clients. 3.Completing lighting design schemes with and without supporting, and continuing the detailed design and having supervision on the final implementation of the project. 4.Selecting the right luminaire, conducting the test and other related works. 5.Providing technical guidance during the process of construction, installation, testing and acceptance.


QUALIFICATION AND TRAIING REQUIRED1.Education: Bachelor degree or above. 2.Experience: More than 1 year experience in lighting. 3.Knowledge: Familiar with the procedure of lighting design, expression of lighting design and features of different light fixtures. 4.Professional skill:a.Having good aesthetic sense. b.Good at communication. c.Good at team work.d.Able to work under pressure. Computer skills: Familiar with 3Dmax, Autocad, SketchUp, Photoshop, etc.

Required Languages